NWC Weekly Project Development: 11–18 April

This week, we presented our new roadmap with five stages named after Roman gods and goddesses⚡

These phases span from the beginning and early development of NewsCrypto through the improvements and current features to the future global expansion and growth.

The roadmap presents our most important goals for the future in more detail than ever before, with everything from the Unchained Education hub to DeFi implementation, a blockchain incubator and more. To find out more, check out the roadmap here.

We’ve also announced the Strategy Design tool on Friday. Every user will be able to build their own trading strategy using popular trade indicators with the tool📊

All you will have to do is drag and drop commands and create your own algorithm and personal trade bot which will trade via exchange API’s, and all that in a user-friendly interface, without needing to write a single line of code. Our vision is financial algorithms for financial freedom, and that’s why we’ll help you create your own trading bot and not miss trade opportunities even while you’re asleep!

The v2.0.3 update to our app was released this week. The most noticeable change is in the Staking section: in order to make staking easier for anyone, we have lowered the minimum staking amount and updated the staking packages on the app as well as the platform.

We have also fixed some minor bugs and improved the user experience with other minor fixes.

To read more about the updates we implemented, click here.

As for our regular posts, the Market Price report covered Swipe (SXP), while the FA report explained the basics of the ever more popular Solana ecosystem.

The How-to Crypto post was a deep dive into support and resistance levels, while the Weekly Crypto report covered the most important recent events, including new developments in the Ripple lawsuit and interesting patterns of BTC miner activity.

Thank you for your support!

NWC Team

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