NWC Weekly Development Report: 21–28 March

The month is drawing to a close, and with it the release of our app is almost here!

We’re just making some finishing touches now, so everything is good to go for the app to be released by the end of the month. We’ll also be announcing some of the new features on our Twitter, so make sure to stay up to date there!

This week we also had the Crypto 101 Webinar, where our team members explained everything that a beginner needs to know to start investing in and trading crypto.

The webinar included a Q&A section with questions from YouTube viewers, and a fireside chat with some very special guests: Blockchain Wayne and Nebraskan Gooner from Twitter, as well as Rich from TradingView (the founder of RichTL). If you missed the stream, you can check it out here.

Our two guests from Twitter have also become NewsCrypto advisors, along with Rekt Capital and Mr. Anderson. We’ve always loved their content, so we’re absolutely thrilled to have them on board to help everyone interested to take their first steps into crypto and become profitable in the long run.

Another important development is the Unchained Education platform, where we intend to bring together all crypto veterans and beginners that want to learn about cryptocurrencies and trading. Anyone with the necessary skills will be able to sign up and publish their content, and they will also be able to set up one on one lessons for which they can set their own schedule and fees (paid in NWC tokens).

The Binance Smart Chain holders campaign has been concluded, and 10 lucky participants will be awarded with 1000 NWC each. We’d like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone for participating; if you want to see the list of winners and more info about the giveaway, check out our blog post here.

As for our regular posts, this week’s TA report covered Harmony (ONE), while the FA report looked into the Terra ecosystem (with LUNA as its native token). The How-to Crypto post explained all the basics on how to get started with TA, while the Weekly Report covered more recent news about NFTs, the Coinbase IPO and other events.



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