NWC Weekly Development 2–9 May

This week we’ve finally released the Ai Sentiment analysis tool to the public and once within the first few days of operation, it already correctly predicted Bitcoin’s price within 1%!

For those that have missed the official announcement, here’s a quick recap of its function: the tool collects data from Twitter and various news sources, analyzes their sentiment and predicts the price based on the analysis. At the moment, the tool analyzes sentiment for seven different coins and predicts the closing price for the next day.

Over time we’ll tweak and upgrade it to increase its precision and of course, the tool will be fully implemented into the upcoming NewsCrypto V2.0 platform. Nevertheless, the tool is already available and free to use — you can access it here.

On the other side of our development, we’ve started our DeFi testing. As announced, we’re building the most user-centric and frictionless DeFi platform ever, with an aim to provide highest interest rates for savings, lowest fees, no minimum investment levels and fast settlements.

On our platform every NWC holder will be empowered to lend and earn interest, borrow and use their NWC as collateral to borrow other assets against it. All of this will be available while maintaining almost zero fees and near-instant execution as we are building on the Binance Smart Chain. The testnet has been deployed and we’ve given access to 100 users so that they can try it out and give us feedback for future development.

On the community note, we’ve distributed our user rewards which are awarded every Sunday at 23:50 UTC. Congratulations to everyone that won and good luck in the next round! For those that haven’t tried getting any rewards yet, you can do so within our games or price predictions.

Before we move on to our regular posts, we’re announcing our upcoming Unchained Education hub. All the known and unknown crypto experts will be able to spread and monetize their knowledge there and we’ll soon open applications for educators, so stay tuned!

This weeks Market price report was about Kava where we broke down its market structure and prepared a detailed examination of its recent Market Phases alongside a technical trade plan. Our weekly how to crypto post was covering the Importance of networking in crypto as learning from others is a key part to the growth process.

The last of our weekly post was the fundamental analysis on Bancor, one of the automated market makers (AMMs) which are a crucial part of the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem. We’ve explained the history of this project, the problems it’s aiming to solve, the mechanism for solving them and lastly the token supply together with its support levels.

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