NWC Project Development 9–16 May

This week, we’ve unveiled a new feature that is coming to the upgraded version of the platform, namely the heatmap. This tool will give users an intuitive overview of the orderbook, both currently and historically, with limit orders being displayed as color-coded areas on the chart itself.

Knowing what market participants are doing is vital — especially when it concerns the biggest players — and now you’ll have that insight at a glance. Apart from seeing historical order flows, it will also enable you to see current buy and sell pressure, which is the ideal way to spot quick trade opportunities with a very clearly defined and tight stop loss. We’ve also revealed a sneak peek of what the Community Predictions page will look like, where you’ll be able to post your TA and earn rewards in a fresh new interface.

We’ve also made a partnership with LoyalBet, an online gambling and betting provider. We’ll offer our know-how to provide them with innovative ways in which users can bet on crypto prices, and all with security and responsibility in mind. Apart from this, we’ll also work together with them to make the entire gambling and betting process more transparent, giving users a better overview of the risks as well as how their funds are stored and processed.

When it comes to our app, we’re always at work on new upgrades, and the best way to see what we should focus on is, of course, to ask the community! That’s why we held an AMA in our chatroom, and rewarded the users that offered the most insightful and useful feedback.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about XLM, while the FA report covered Polygon (previously known as Matic). The How-to Crypto post explained what Pump & Dump schemes are and how to avoid them, and the Weekly Report covered some recent events, most notably the craze around Dogecoin.



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