NWC/ETH is live on Uniswap🦄

The NWC token is now live on Uniswap!

Dear NewsCrypro community,

if you’ve been watching the markets recently, then you’ve probably noticed that the altseason is well under way, and that Uniswap’s average volume has started approaching $1 billion.

Well, today there’s another huge announcement: you can now buy NWC on Uniswap! Click here to go to the NWC/ETH trading pair, and be careful not to use any links posted anywhere else except on our official social media channels, so that you can be sure you’ve got the right token selected.

NWC on Uniswap

As you already know, we started out on the Stellar blockchain due to its low fees and fast transaction times, but the time has come for us to expand onto other chains and bring the benefits of the NewsCrypto ecosystem to an exponentially larger user base. This is why we’ve adopted a cross-chain approach, branching out onto Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

The Ethereum version of NWC can already be bought on Uniswap, and we will also implement a cross-chain swap right on our website, so that you will be able to swap between the Stellar, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain versions of NWC with a single click.

We’ve always been inspired by the ideals of decentralized finance, which is why we’re very proud to have our token listed on the largest decentralized exchange in existence, implemented on the blockchain that is leading the way in DeFi innovation. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest improvements in the short but thrilling history of NewsCrypto, as it opens the door to many new utilities for token holders.

Now you can store NWC in Ethereum wallets, and it will soon be possible to use the token in DeFi protocols as well. If you want to earn passive income on your ERC20 version of NWC, you can add liquidity to the NWC/ETH trading pair to earn a share of the trading fees.

Last but not least, we’re deeply grateful to the growing NewsCrypto community. We couldn’t have done this without you! The primary value of our project resides in its utility to our user base, and the continued expansion of the user base is what enables us to keep improving our ecosystem at a rate that surpassed even our own expectations.

Thank you for everything and we hope you’ll join us in continually improving and expanding our mission of becoming the most comprehensive crypto ecosystem out there.

Yours, NWC Team



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