NWC Development Report: 7–14 March

2 min readMar 14, 2021


Dear NewsCrypto community,

we’re closing out another fast-paced week, during which we prepared several exciting new developments, and the most important one is definitely the Crypto 101 webinar which we’ll be hosting at 2 PM CET on March 23rd. The webinar will be completely free, and attendees will learn all they need to know in order to make their first steps into the world of crypto.

The webinar will consist of two main parts:

(1) two lectures by NewsCrypto team members followed by a Q&A session and

(2) a fireside chat with several prominent crypto traders. The main focus will be on how to start trading crypto, so we’ll get to all of the basics on how and where to buy and trade, and we’ll also give some practical tips on how to avoid scams and other attacks.

Since every successful crypto investor should also understand what crypto is on a technological level, the second lecture will present a concise explanation of what different blockchains are and how they work, as well as an overview of some recent developments, especially in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Apart from the webinar, we’re also working on the new version of our app, and we’ll soon announce some new integrations and partnerships with well-known projects that will help us make the app even better.

Every aspect of the app — from market tracking to entertainment — will be completely overhauled, so stay tuned for updates on the new features and the release date. We’ve already announced several upgrades on our Twitter, for example the new look of the dashboard, community predictions section and the new customizable price alerts.

As for the regular weekly content, this week’s Market Price Report was about Solana (SOL), while the FA report was a bit different this time, as it covered a whole class of assets, namely oracles (and Chainlink, Band and DIA in particular). The NFT craze is still very much going on, so the How-to Crypto post was about NFTs — what they are, how it all started and how you can buy them. NFTs were also mentioned in the Weekly Report, alongside news on more institutional buying of crypto.




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