NWC Development Report 5–12 December

We’re coming to the end of another action-packed week, so let’s dive into developments here at Newscrypto. If you’re also interested in the overview of the action in the markets, consider checking out Letter from the CEO, which is already available.

This week we updated our academy with a section that covers Metaverse and NFTs. If you still haven’t, you can check it out on our platform, where you will find all of the educational content a newbie in the crypto field needs. We hope that going through our analysts’ take on the topic of Metaverse and NFTs will give you enough knowledge, to not only get insight into the matter, but also profit off the ongoing trend. Also, a special contributor for this section was Enjin, the industry leader in the area of NFTs, and we might just have a very special surprise with them coming up soon!

Hand in hand with this announcement we’ve also burned another million of NWC tokens to conclude our buyback and burn event announced last week. This has been the 8th burning event this year, which means you can expect two more burns until the end of December.

We’ve also held a competition in our Telegram Chatroom, where our community members that were the first to answer the questions from the new Metaverse and NFTs section got rewarded with NWC tokens. Such giveaways are very common, so consider following us on our different social media channels, so you never miss a thing.

On Monday we’ve also released our Grant Program with the aim to find (and also reward) new ideas. The idea is to fund creation of creative ideas that could be implemented in our product’s ecosystem. They could result in a standalone product as well as features integrated in either our platform, mobile app or mobile wallet.

The Grant has a 1 million NWC treasury, which will be distributed among development contributors, based on the ideas or tasks they take upon. Hand in hand with our idea of a decentralized ecosystem, where the the project is governed by the community, the funding amount for each specific program will be partly decided by the governance system, which enables those that stake, hold, or buy a membership on the NewsCrypto platform to contribute their vote on important questions.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about Stellar (XLM), while the FA report covered Ethereum rollups. Our weekly How-to Crypto was a complete overview of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This week’s Newsco Weekly Report covered everything from Meta expanding crypto advertisement eligibility on FaceBook, to El Salvador stacking another 150 Bitcoin after the BTC crash, as well as overall action with the markets!



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