NWC Development Report: 31 January-6 February

We’re coming to the end of another week, so let’s dive into the progress made here at NewsCrypto. If you want to gain an insight into the action in the markets as well, make sure you check out our Letter from the CEO, which has already been uploaded to our blog.

This week we released the landing page for our Copy Trading platform Mercury, the platform that will have a long list of professionals from which you will be able to copy trades to make some passive income. You can check out the landing page here. Our development team is working hard to make sure all of the functionalities will be available as soon as possible, and we’re looking forward to the release.

On Thursday we announced that our platform will get another upgrade. This time we’ll redesign the profile section (so that all users will have publicly viewable profiles) and aggregate all community predictions posted by individual users in one place, as well as give everybody an option to add their bio and links to their other social media accounts into their profile. We aim to make our ecosystem even more social, trying to encourage everybody to connect with other members of the community and exchange valuable information with one another.

In order to offer the best products for crypto enthusiasts, we need to be familiar with their needs, preferences and desires. Only with the focus on our users can we provide what they really need. Our team has therefore concluded a broad crypto survey with the aim to get feedback directly from our users, so we can adapt our existing products accordingly, as well as start developing new products based on the data. We are extremely grateful for all of the valuable info we’ve gathered, therefore we rewarded 3 most insightful submissions witn 100 NWC tokens, not to mention that all users, who completed the survey got their subscription upgraded to professional level on our platform.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about FTX Token (FTT), while the FA report covered Near Protocol (NEAR). Our weekly How-to Crypto covered Bollinger bands and taught you how to use it to your advantage when trading.. This week’s Newsco Weekly Report as always gathered all the crucial on-chain data, a chart with the prediction for the upcoming future and covered the most attention-grabbing news from the crypto world.



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