NWC Development report: 28 November — 5 December

We’re coming to the end of another eventful week, so let’s look at developments here at Newscrypto. If you’re also interested in the overview of the action in the markets, consider checking out Letter from the CEO, which is already live.

This week we’ve announced another buyback and burn event scheduled for next week. Another million NWC tokens will be bought from the open market and then permanently removed from the supply next week.

This is just one in the many steps towards achieving our long term vision, which is ensuring a sustainable growth structure for our token. We believe this initiative will benefit our community of users, as well as holders.

We’ve also started filming short educational videos on metaverse, to start educating our community on this trending topic. Every week we’ll post educational videos on specific subtopics of the Metaverse, starting with the general one ‘What is Metaverse’. Next week we’ll also release 2 new sections into our Academy, the first one being NFTs and the second one being Metaverse.

The recent boom in popularity of Metaverse, as well as NFTs, gave our team a signal that you want to learn more about it, so you can use your knowledge and profit on the trends. If you still haven’t checked our Academy content on the platform, make sure you check it out here.

This week we’ve also concluded the month of November, meaning we’ve released our monthly development report, which you can find here. It covers all major developments in the last month. Everything from releasing On-Chain Analysis Tool to upgrading our revolutionary Backtesting Bot with two new patterns.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about Curve Dao (CRV), while the FA report covered Harmony (ONE). Our weekly How-to Crypto gave a brief insight into everything you need to know about Peer-to-Peer Trading. This week’s Newsco Weekly Report covered MicroStrategy purchasing another 7002 Bitcoins, as well as the volatility we’ve witnessed in the markets last week as a result of a newly discovered COVID19 strain Omicron.