NWC Development report 16–23 January

Another action-packed week is coming to an end, so let’s dive into the progress made here at NewsCrypto. If you want to gain an insight into the action in the markets as well, make sure you check out our Letter from the CEO, which has already been uploaded to our blog.

On Thursday we announced that we’re working on an expansion of our Academy content. Now you can broaden your crypto horizons solely through reading our educational material. Soon we will also release video courses, which will cover everything from fundamental and technical analysis, to in-depth presentation of specific interesting subjects related to crypto, as well as extensive coverage of the technical aspect of blockchain. One of our main goals of this step-by-step guide is to offer everyone, both novices in the crypto field, as well as crypto veterans that would like to expand their knowledge, the most user-friendly way to do so.

Our users got informed on Friday that five lucky winners will receive back NWC tokens spent on a NewsCrypto professional subscription. This means that everybody who still hasn’t joined our Pro Tier has a perfect opportunity to do so since you could be the lucky winner who will receive a 100% cashback on their purchase. In any case, you’ll get access to professional tools at a 22% discount, since our promo code NWC2022 is still valid until the end of the month.

We also held an AMA session in our Telegram chatroom. Users were able to submit their questions prior to the event, then we chose the most interesting ones and answered them live on Friday. If you missed it you can open a discussion about anything related to our project in our Telegram chatroom, where other members of the community or our admins will answer all of your burning questions.

As for our regular posts, this week’s Market Price report was about SushiSwap (SUSHI), while the FA report covered Kusama (KSM). Our weekly How-to Crypto gave an introduction to cryptocurrency research methods. This week’s Newsco Weekly Report covered everything from the Crypto.com hack, to the recent Bitcoin supply shock and what it means for the future.



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