NWC Development report: 13–20 June

Apart from delivering outlined objectives from roadmap, one of our community’s biggest wishes is listing our native NWC token on the largest crypto exchanges so that it’s truly accessible to anyone.

Consequently, it has become one of our main focuses besides product creation and improvement such as the platform 3.0 and advanced unique trading tools. Now we are thrilled to announce our token has been listed on Gate.io, another top 10 cryptocurrency exchange. Two trading pairs are listed, NWC/USDT and NWC/BTC.

To commemorate this milestone, we’ve decided to initiate another burn event, where we’ve destroyed one million NWC, bringing the total number of burned coins to 2 million! This was the second of our planned burn events, with many more to come over the year as we reach further goals and milestones. You can verify the burn transaction via this link.

As cryptocurrencies are gaining traction and popularity, slowly becoming more and more mainstream, the number of potential exploits and hacks also grows in numbers. Here at NewsCrypto, we’re well aware of how damaging an exploit can be to a project and its community and that’s why we’ve partnered up with Lossless, a project that has taken a different approach to crypto security.

Instead of prevention that has proven to become ineffective in the long run, they focus on hack mitigation by freezing suspicious transactions, identified by their protocol or with the help from the community members. Finders stake LSS coins in order to flag and freeze the suspicious transaction for a short period of time. If the flagger has correctly stopped an exploit, they get rewarded with a part of the coins they helped save.

Together with Lossless, we’ll be able to educate our community and users about the new concept of hack mitigation and transaction freezing. In the future, we’ll likely also implement the Lossless protocol as a part of the NewsCrypto blockchain incubator for new projects.

We’ve also released a new trading tool — the UniSwap whale alert. Try it our for free to track which new tokens are getting picked up by the big players and gain a huge advantage in the DEX market.

This week we’ve prepared the market price report of BNB, the currently fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the native token of the Binance ecosystem. Within the report you can find a full price action analysis alongside a technical trade plan with a clear invalidation.

Our weekly how to crypto lesson covered peer-to-peer trading as it was envisioned in the making of Bitcoin.

This week the community voted for a FA report on FYI, a DeFi yield aggregator. The FA report covers the history behind YFI, its different versions, tokenomics and its token use cases.

Lastly, our weekly crypto report covered most recent and impactful crypto news such as El Salvador officially approving, Texas banks allowed to hodl, and MicroStrategy acquiring more BTC.

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