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Crypto is an incredibly diverse area with so many different avenues of growth — from art and NFTs to entire countries embracing crypto — so that it’s easy to lose sight of the essential aspects of this sector that matter the most. The single most important thing for crypto to truly become global and achieve mass adoption is, we believe, scalability and speed.

That is why we’re incredibly proud to announce that we’re partnering with Elrond, a blockchain that has been on the cutting edge of innovation ever since they were the very first to implement sharding in 2018. Far from stopping here, Elrond has continued to push the envelope by developing the most advanced solutions for insanely high throughputs (its current speed of 15,000 TPS can easily scale to well over 100,000), and all that without sacrificing sustainability. In fact, this is another area where Elrond has gone a step further, by becoming the first European blockchain project to become carbon-negative. Not settling for carbon-neutrality, Elrond offsets more carbon emissions than it causes, meaning that its net effect on the environment is positive.

With all that in mind, we’re teaming up to bring new and innovative solutions for both of our communities. Our partnership will comprise several different phases, starting with an extensive educational campaign where our teams will work together to help everyone from crypto newbies to veterans understand more about scalability, sharding, sustainability and why these aspects of crypto are crucial going forward. Then, we’ll move over to a more development-focused side of things, which will start with the NWC token becoming available on the Elrond blockchain. Once this infrastructure is set up, we will work with the Elrond team to provide new solutions for bringing capital into the network and broadening its already rapidly growing scope of DeFi protocols. More info on these later developments will be announced after NWC is live on the Elrond blockchain, so stay tuned!

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