NewsCrypto Upgrade & Redesign

Dear NewsCrypto community,

we’ve been around for some time now, and we’ve managed to gather the support of an ever-growing community and to develop a range of innovative products to help you in your trading career, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in the game for years.

Throughout this time, we’ve been carefully monitoring the community’s feedback on our different products. We’ve been noting which indicators and sections are the most useful, which could be improved, and which completely new features should be added in order to make the Website, Platform, and App even better for each and every single one of you.

Now we’ve put together all of our results (together with your invaluable feedback through our surveys published on social media) and we’re excited to announce that we’re preparing a complete overhaul of both the app and the online platform! The overhaul will be both graphical and functional, with an all-new look and feel, as well as new and improved features and indicators. To give you a feel for what the new design will be like, we’re unveiling our new logo here;

In fact, we’re so confident in what we’ve prepared for all of our products that we can consider everything up to now as essentially a test phase. Now that we know exactly what it is that the community wants and how to optimize your experience with our tools, we’re sure that you’ll be absolutely blown away by the new website, app and platform.

The overhaul of the app and the website will be rolled out first, with the platform coming soon after it. As this is a comprehensive upgrade, we can’t put an exact date on the releases just yet, but we can say that it will be in a matter of days rather than months. During the development process, we will reveal all the new functionalities added and provide you with sneak peeks to get a feel of what is coming.

In all of this, we can never stress enough how grateful we are to all of you. Our community has always been and will always remain our number one focus. As you know, the reason we founded NewsCrypto as a completely self-funded project is so that we can never be swayed by the interests of external investors that might have their own agenda to push. Instead, we’re completely dedicated to providing useful and reliable tools to help every single one of our users achieve their maximum potential in trading.

In spite of the incredible bull run and ever-increasing adoption of crypto, we’re all still very early in this revolutionary industry. And we’re ineffably grateful that we can travel this long and exciting road together with you!

Yours, Newscrypto team.

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