NewsCrypto App v1.0 Release

It’s been over a month since the beta version of the NewsCrypto app was released, and now the long-awaited full version is finally available! We’re very grateful to over 50,000 beta testers that helped us improve the app in the meantime, and those users will be rewarded in in-app credits when they upgrade to the full version.

The beta version was far more than just a test phase, however, as it already had enough features to go head-to-head with the best crypto apps out there. Our portfolio and market tracking features enable you to track 5000+ cryptocurrencies, as well as the value of your portfolio, displayed in any major fiat currency.

The daily sentiment scores display the current market sentiment about both the market as a whole and specific cryptocurrencies, while voting in the sentiment polls rewards you with in-app credits for sharing your take on the market. A news section keeps you up-to-date with everything that is going on in the world of crypto, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The Community section makes crypto interactive and fun, giving you the option to predict the price of specific cryptos on a given date and earn in-app credits, with the top 5 users receiving monthly rewards in NWC for their predictions. Crypto games provide endless entertainment as well as the option to earn in-app credits in the Doodle Pump game and Spin the Wheel.

A number of features in the full version are completely new. The most important of these is the integration of NWC tokens, which means that you can now buy, hold, stake, withdraw and deposit NWC tokens right in the app, as well as being able to exchange NWC for in-app credits and vice versa. This means that you can earn NWC, a token with real-world value and enormous growth potential, just by playing games and interacting with other members of the crypto community!

The user experience of the app has been greatly improved, with a personalized look of the app as well as the charts: you can now choose different themes, candlestick colors, and more. With our new widget, you can instantly see the value of your portfolio and three of your favorite cryptos right on your phone’s home screen, so that you never miss any important price action even if you’re not using the app at the moment.

In spite of all these new features, we must stress that this isn’t the final stop on our road to make NewsCrypto the best crypto app ever. We are already working on four major upgrades, which will bring even more mind-blowing features. Among these are augmented reality (AR) charts, which will enable you to display charts in your physical surroundings in the camera mode, and then share the images with your friends on social media, as well as a new crypto game, personalized price alerts, and a news feed that is customized to cover your favorite tokens.

Speaking of social media, we’re on our way towards making NewsCrypto a social media app as well, so that you will be able to add friends, send direct and group messages, and exchange credits. The educational aspect of NewsCrypto won’t be overshadowed, however, as we will also implement the leading tools from our platform — Moon Lines, Signals, DeFi Scan, Demo Trading, and much more — as well as a number of exclusive app features such as shadow trading, which will enable you to automatically follow trades from the best traders out there.

On top of this, integrating our School section will give you all of the educational content from the platform right on your phone. We are also planning to release a Desktop version of the app in Q2 2021.

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