NewsCrypto App Roadmap
2 min readDec 21, 2020

The NewsCrypto app will serve as an all in one crypto place — one click away — customized for users to take the maximum advantage of the market data.

Unparalleled market overview, AI-powered data clarification, Crypto gamification, Personalized UX, Advance filters, Portfolio management, and many other things to conquer the crypto world.

Newscrypto App is bound to be our main product that will put to the test all other available platforms and applications. With our mission to become the number 1 project focused on the crypto community, we strive to improve all the provided services by others available today. By the year 2022, we will be the industry leader in every niche we are focusing on.

✅ Monitor +6000 cryptos and trends
✅ Advanced portfolio tracker
✅ Community Predictions
✅ Play&Earn crypto games

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6. December — Beta Release (Portfolio tracker, Markets and Favorites, Crypto Game, Community Predictions, Sentiments, Crypto News)

Find more information about NewsCrypto App utilities:

  1. Dashboard —
  2. Portfolio tracker —
  3. Markets and Favorites —
  4. Doodle Pump —
  5. Sentiments —

The hard launch of the V1.0 NewsCrypto App will be released in early January 🚀

V1.0 will feature $NWC token integration into the App ecosystem — swapping credits for NWC and vice versa.

There will be 4 App updates in the first half of 2021.

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