Monthly Development Report
3 min readJul 1, 2021

NewsCrypto Monthly Report

The past month has been full of anticipation and uncertainty as Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market moved sideways within a distinct price range.

While everyone was looking for clear signs of the bulls/bears taking over, we’ve had a month packed with development and exciting announcements.

Throughout the month we’ve been prudently carrying out our final testing of the NewsCrypto desktop Platform 3.0, which is almost ready for release. When launched, it’ll welcome our users with a complete redesign, new features and tools and a dashboard that enables greater customizability than ever before.

Our native NWC token has been listed on two exchanges, one centralized and one decentralized:

1., one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world

2. Dfyn, a DEX on the Polygon network, where we launched a farm for the NWC/DFYN pair, which is currently offering over 400% APY!

Slowly but surely our token becomes available to a wider range of traders, investors and crypto enthusiasts, supporting the steady growth of our user base.

We’ve announced three new partnerships with:

Secret Network, a protocol to enable transactional and computational privacy by executing smart contracts in an encrypted computational environment.

Lossless, a project focusing on blockchain exploit and hack mitigation by freezing and reverting suspicious transactions.

Pinknode, a Polkadot-focused Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider that supports creating and building on the Web 3.0 protocols of the future.

As our development continues, we believe these partnerships will greatly benefit our cause of educating the crypto community about the newest approaches and solutions blockchains have to offer.

NWC has been added to the KuCoin Plus area

Added support for NWC on the Ethereum blockchain (as well as Stellar), enabling you to deposit, trade and withdraw NWC no matter your blockchain preference

As one of our longest-standing partners, we’re committed to developing our relationship with KuCoin in the future as well.

We’ve also held our second NWC token burn, removing another million tokens from the supply to commemorate reaching so many important milestones in our development. As announced, many more such events will follow, until we reach at least $10 million in NWC tokens burned!

Lastly, we’ve released the new Uniswap whale alert tool that enables you to view the biggest transactions on the DEX in real time. If you haven’t already, make sure you try it out before it becomes a part of the premium tool set on the new Platform v3.0.

That’s all the most important development of the last month. To get more information about the keynotes of this recap, you can read our weekly development articles and other posts on our official blog.

NewsCrypto Team



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