Bitcoin opened this week being worth around $43,5k. It then experienced a major rise on Monday evening, where it jumped to $46k. After that it stayed relatively still with its price fluctuating between $45k and $46k until Thursday, when it experienced a sudden drop to $44,5k. But by the end of midday Bitcoin started to rise again and it’s now poised to close this week at around $46k. Another noteworthy event in the crypto space this week is that Cardano became the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap, following Ethereum and Bitcoin. It moved past $2 on Friday morning as its users wait for an upgrade, which will expand the network’s functionality. As far as other global developments in crypto are concerned, it seems that every week there’s a new country that starts to consider adopting Bitcoin in a huge way. Just over a decade after the invention of Bitcoin, the early developers’ dreams of the revolutionary currency becoming an officially adopted means of payment are already coming to fruition.

Our regular content covered a variety of topics: this week’s sneak peeks, where we showed you a preview of our platform’s 3.0 update and the recently announced Copy Trading platform, both of which are currently in their testing stages and with their jaw dropping looks, you can expect nothing but greatness. We announced the NWC Airdrop which will be happening in about two weeks, where we will be giving away 200,000 NWC as a token of our thankfulness! The only requirement you need to meet in order to take part in the airdrop, is to hold at least 1k of NWC tokens on your NewsCrypto mobile wallet or any other self-custodial Stellar wallet. On top of that we set up our Discord server. Here we can all hang around and share our knowledge and ideas on how to improve the crypto world. You can join the NewsCrypto Discord server on the following link:

Quite a lot is going on and we can all hardly wait for the release of the improved 3.0 and the new Copy Trading platform!

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