Letter from the CEO

There’s a lot going on in crypto this week: for example, Input Output Global announced that the Cardano ERC20 converter will come to testnet sometime next week, and this will enable users to bring ERC20 tokens over to the Cardano blockchain. As the number of crypto holders increases, so does the need to withdraw the money. Currently Bitcoin ATMs also known as BTMs are being installed at a rate of roughly 47 per day, with around 1200 being installed this month alone, so you’ll be able to find one every place you go in the not so far away future!

Speaking of Bitcoin, it opened this week at $49.2k, before dipping to this week’s low point by the midday of Thursday at roughly $46.3k. It is now poised to close this week back above the $48k level, bringing bullish sentiment back to the market.

As for the news in NewsCrypto; This week we released the updated version of our platform. With upgraded Tools and re-defined Memberships it will bring you the ultimate trading experience and everything you need in order to succeed and become a full time crypto trader. We also expanded our Crypto Academy because we want to provide you as much education as humanly possible, so that you won’t have to make random guesses, but rather well thought out and educated moves instead! In addition, we hosted a live event on our Discord server where we gave you a sneak peek of our platform and showed you how things worked.
You can join our Discord on this link: discord.gg/TEeY8sF26j

That’s it for this week, and I would also like to mention how incredibly grateful we all are, here at NewsCrypto, because we couldn’t have done it without you!
So come join us and together we can strive for greatness.
Thank you.

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