Early this week, Bitcoin briefly broke down below the critical $30k level, but quickly recovered. Many investors see this as a positive signal: given that bears failed to trigger a cascade down below $29k, this could be a very important sign of strength. Now, after the bears have had their chance — and failed to take it — many believe that it’s the bulls’ turn to make the next move.

And for the news, Elon Musk appeared at The ₿ Word event, a virtual Bitcoin event, where he stated that if the positive trend of green energy usage continues to increase, Tesla will resume accepting Bitcoin. At the same time, THORChain suffered an $8 million attack of a white hat hacker, who deliberately minimized the damage for the sake of teaching THORChain a lesson.

This week the NewsCrypto started working on a brand new platform for Copy Trading, which will be integrated shortly after NewsCrypto’s 3.0 update! Copy Trading is the technology that copies the followed trader’s moves and invests the amount of money you set beforehand into their positions automatically, so that both the follower and the trader can make a profit. Traders profits and losses will be available to the public, which creates a unique opportunity for not as known, well preforming traders, to make a name for themselves and build a following.

We would also like to announce that an AMA session will take place, sometime in the near future. Users will write their questions on a google form, which will be posted on all of our social media, prior to the AMA session. We will then write our answers live in the official NewsCrypto Telegram chatroom, where at the end of the session, you’ll be able to ask us even more questions on subjects we might have missed!

What a week, let’s see what the next one brings. Have a good day!