Letter by NWC CEO

This week we’ve noted above average levels of bullishness around crypto compared to previous weeks as every price jump excites the crypto community for the continuation of the bull run. Following El Salvador, many countries showed their approval of cryptocurrencies by hinting at potentially adopting Bitcoin in some way or another.

We’ve also witnessed some unfavorable news as quite a few countries started to investigate Binance, going so far as announcing users have to remove their funds from the exchange within a certain time frame. There has also been a hack of a South African crypto platform which resulted in $3.6B in Bitcoin vanishing from the exchange. We’ve sadly lost a crypto evangelist as John McAfee was found dead shortly after Spain’s court agreed to extradite him to the US to face tax evasion charges. While writing this, Bitcoin’s price stands at $35k, still well within the sustained price range of the month.

Here at NewsCrypto we’ve been busy as always, pushing all our efforts into finishing the final stages of testing and optimization of our new Platform 3.0, to make sure it’s bug-free and running smoothly on any device once released to the world. Hopefully the platform will be released within a few days and I can’t wait to see the reaction of our users to the new features and tools available at their disposal.

We’ve also managed to successfully connect our native NWC token onto the Polygon blockchain, marking it as the fourth chain that supports our ecosystem. As cryptocurrencies experience mass adoption, we’ve decided to remain on the frontlines of innovation, so that we can provide up to date information to our users. From now on, traders and investors will have the ability to choose between the speed and low fees of Stellar and Polygon and the Ethereum or BSC vast DeFi ecosystem when purchasing and transferring NWC.

The work on our Unchained education hub is slowly coming towards the end and soon we’ll open it up on our platform. Until then we’ve extended collecting applications for content creators and educators. If any of you think you’ve got a few things you could teach to our crypto community, definitely apply!

That’s it for this week, have a great one and as always, I’ll update you on the most exciting development next Sunday.

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