This week Germany accepted a new policy which allows institutional funds to be allocated towards crypto investments. This new policy applies only to institutional investors which hold their assets at specialized funds, and not the general population, which can already invest their private funds in crypto. Besides that, Visa is partnering up with 50 crypto platforms, which will enable its users to spend cryptocurrency at millions of new merchants, and in the first half of 2021, a whopping $1 billion was spent using crypto-linked credit and debit cards issued by Visa. As for Bitcoin, the weekly high was also the weekly open on Monday, at $35.3k, while this week’s low was just above $32k on Thursday. It’s poised to close the week somewhere in the middle of that range, around 34k, but, given how volatile weekends can be, it may well surprise us by the end of the day.

And as for the recent developments here at NewsCrypto, this week we did maintenance on our platform, prior to the platform’s v3.0 release. Another layer of security was implemented by adding 2FA for logins, deposits and staking actions. With internal testing being well underway, we are also working with some advisors and ambassadors to get feedback to further optimize the platform. We have also recruited new ambassadors, who will spread awareness through a series of campaigns, and as a result we will be able to expand our platform to more emerging markets.

That’s it for this week, it may not seem like much at first glance, but it’s quite a bit in reality. Make sure to check out our posts, so you won’t miss the release of our new platform and detailed posts on what’s new. See you next week!

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