Letter by NWC CEO

Letter from the CEO 18.7.

Bitcoin once again peaked at the beginning of this week, this time on Monday, being worth around $34,5k. It then experienced a more or less steady decline until Wednesday, when it bounced back a little, but then dropped down again by the end of Thursday, reaching its low point at $31k on Friday.

It now looks like it will close the week somewhere around $32k. As for the news, PayPal decided to raise its limit for purchases of cryptocurrency from $20k to $100k per week. With these changes they are hoping to enable their costumers to have more options while purchasing cryptocurrency on their platform. Right now PayPal’s U.S. costumers are able to trade with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum on the platform and use them as a type of payment currency.

This week the NewsCrypto team worked on improving its Membership Tiers for the upcoming platform’s 3.0 update, which will now be split into two sections. Basic and Professional.

Each tier comes with a set tools and educational content. Both the tools and the content get greatly increased in the Professional tier. This way you can get the ultimate crypto trading and learning experience.

If you are interested in finding out more you should check out our Membership Tiers blog post, where we explain which tools a certain tier provides and what they do. Oh and in case you missed it, Professional tools will be free on the first day of the new platform’s release! We also expanded our ambassador family. News ambassadors will help us promote the latest 3.0 version of our platform.

That’s it for this week, see you soon, and best of luck with your trades!

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