Similarly to last week, this one brought us quite a lot of uplifting crypto news, especially around Bitcoin. In parallel to El Salvador, Mexico lawmakers aim to propose Bitcoin legislation as well. Bitcoin’s taproot upgrade has also been finally locked in for November, marking it the first upgrade in almost four years.

This much anticipated improvement will enable greater transaction privacy and efficiency. As Bitcoins price moves sideways, huge players and whales like MicroStrategy are accumulating more and more of it, showing their confidence and faith in crypto. As of writing this, Bitcoin’s price is hovering around the $34k mark. Hopefully this enthusiasm will soon have it’s impact on the prices as well.

Here at NewsCrypto we’ve been busy as always. This week we’ve announced yet another partnership, this time with Lossless, a project that approached crypto hacks in a unique way.

They’ve created a protocol that can automatically freeze a transaction if it seems suspicious. This feature can already be implemented into any new token for free, simply by adding a piece of code to the token that will run their protocol. Moreover, they’re preparing a dashboard where users will be able to scan and flag questionable transactions by staking their LLS coins in the process. If the transaction is deemed part of an exploit and is resolved, the flagger will receive a reward. Together with Lossless, we’ll educate our community about this new approach of exploit mitigation. In the future we’ll likely implement their solutions into our crypto project incubator as a security option.

We’ve announced our listing on, one of the most popular crypto exchanges, making NWC tokens accessible to an even wider range of potential users and investors. To celebrate this and other upcoming milestones, we’ve initiated the second of our announced NWC token burns, burning another million tokens. As promised, the burns will continue throughout the year and will altogether account for $10 million.

Lastly, we’ve also released a new trading tool. The Uniswap whale alert will enable you to track which new tokens are getting picked up by the big players on the Uniswap markets. Make sure you try it out before it becomes part of the paid professional platform.

I hope you have a great week, and as always, I will update you on the most impactful developments next Sunday.

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